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KRAK- Grunge and the World was dead. Now it's back!

The Legend of Buckshot Jones
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The Legend of Buckshot Jones


I am a DJ from the Puget Sound Area. I used to go to Club Tacoma when it was open (an 18 and under club) and had many phases of Music and I still like almost all genres.
I love Grunge and Alternative music and hence I runs a radio station that plays it.
Ladies don't need to know I am taken but I am. I managed to sucker my wife Vanessa into marrying me back on 15 November 1997. I was married in a Mansion in the North end of Tacoma and she has put up with me so far for almost ten years.
A favorite song is Start With by Seaweed off of thier album Spanaway which came out in the early 90s.
My past experience on the scene includes running KRAK with a decent following over in Korea which had limited media outlets locally.
I have previously studied Journalism and have learned that fair and balanced is a hypocracy. In the end due to social, economic, political, and beleif factors enter in to play with EVERYTHING we do. Unless you are a reclusive, uncaring, swindler, non caring with your constiuents, who acts without any morals. Then you would be a fine political candidate.
Are there better DJs? Undoubtedly! But I look to do what I do because I like it. I don't really care because to think there isin't a better thing out there is foolish.
Oh well... there ends my rant... check out the music!